"There were a number of reasons behind my decision to enter into the agreement with Specifi. Firstly, based on customer feedback, we needed our existing library to be created in Revit format rather than in the IFC format we already had. Secondly, I really liked Specifi’s model of acting as our outsourced department, to continually maintain and update our data. It is one thing to prepare the data in the first place, but we are constantly adapting, improving and adding to our product range, so the data requires constant updates to give our customers access to the correct and latest information. Specifi enables us to do this effectively and provides the added benefit of our data being available on its software programme, making it easier for dealers to specify and quote our equipment.”
Nick Williams - Precision Refrigeration
"As we move forward, our existing work with and aspiration to grow our level of business from UK consultants and scheme dealers is increasing in importance and priority. We have always understood the need for our customers to be able to access comprehensive and accurate product information. The introduction and growing importance of BIM in the delivery of public and private sector projects, means we now need to provide our customers with compatible data 24/7. Our agreement with Specifi will see the creation of a complete repository of BIM compliant CAD blocks, containing all the required elements to future-proof our data. Multi-platform availability of this information including the Specifi DESIGN and QUOTE software packages, CESABIM, EFCEMBIM, plus our own website, will mean customers can accurately and confidently specify, or quote our equipment wherever and whenever they wish."
Nick McDonald - Lincat
"With regards to Specifi, we felt that it is something we needed to be involved with, in order to provide our customers with as much information about our products as we can. We are always asked by customers for BIM models of our products to make it easy for them to include in projects they are working on. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to work with Specifi to help us supply these essential blocks, as well as a wealth of other up to date technical information and prices
Neil Richards - Metcalfe

BIM doesn't need to be a confusing subject!


The CESABIM resource aims to demystify the confusion around BIM and provides a focal point not only for designers to access manufacturers data and models but to bring everyone in the industry up to the same level of understanding.


Some are likening the advent of BIM as being the same as coming from the drawing board to CAD. 


Don't get left behind and get in touch with the CESABIM consultant Stuart Campbell for more information on how to get BIM Ready.


The likelihood is , you already have all the information required to become BIM ready. 


Submitting data in a spreadsheet format is acceptable or providing already existing specification sheets is enough to get started. BIM does not only focus on the preliminary designs of a building, but also the hand over to facility managers. Providing O&M manuals, Spare Parts Diagrams/Lists and all the technical data about your products will be required to produce a compliant BIM model successfully.


Specifi (Preferred CESA Supplier) provide a 3D model and data service to manufacturers ensuring cost efficiency and guaranteed compatibility. 



CESABIM hosts models in RFA/IFC format.


As a CESA Member online in CESABIM, you will be given complete control over your product data. Manufacturers retain the intellectual property of information and drawings. Accessing information is easy and straight forward.


The CESABIM administration portal exists as the single entry point via username and password for secure access to manage and maintain equipment BIM information. 


Easy to use features include the ability to change price information via brand or range with percentages or update services details for an appliance. Information can even be changed and set to go live at a future date, so there is never a need for specialists to edit proprietary format BIM models on an annual basis.


Information can also be used by manufacturers to publish product details on their own website with a live connection to CESABIM. Up to date information in CESABIM means updated information everywhere. 


No hosting costs, no annual charges. The only requirement is that you are a member of CESA. 


The only costs associated with CESABIM is the creation of BIM Models in the first instance. Contact Specifi for more information.


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